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Our videos have received a major overhaul with the new site launch. Our videos have been overhauled to include the popular h.264 video format. Which means better compatibility, easier streaming and best of all-better quality. Now you can even skip to a segment that you want to see right away, no more searching through the entire scene to get to your favorite part.

Photo resolutions have been doubled for sharper, more detailed images of your favorite models and hardcore action while maintaining the ease of use that you are used to. Photo viewing has been greatly enhanced using our modern viewer, especially the slideshow feature.

It is now easier to save your favorite models and scenes to your very owen personal favorites page, where you'll now find models and scenes split up into separate pages for easier browsing.

One of the ways we gauge how popular a model or scene is with your very own user comments. Don't be afraid to let us know exactly how you feel or simple stop by and leave a comment for one of our models, you might even get a reply! Want to know more?

Our search engine has been significantly upgraded. Not only does the search return results even before you finish typing but it displays the results right on the bar, no more sifting through search results for quicker pinpoint results.

Our core beliefs when it comes to design is to keep it as simple as possible. We didn't stop there though, searching the site is instantaneous, simple navigation to help you get to where you need go in as little mouse clicks as possible. Use our robust keyword system to display results to match your desired preferences in models and scenes. Do you prefer blue-eyed blondes with big boobs? Simply click the desired keywords to begin narrowing your search down.

Please stay tuned for more features and upgrades, as we are always looking to improve our site experience for all of our members. Because of you we are the #1 BBW site on the web!

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To narrow your search down to match your preferences you can click on any of the keywords (green links) located on scene and model pages. Once clicked the results are automatically updated, to narrow it even further you can click on more keywords. For example, if your perfect woman was a BBW, with blonde hair, blue eyes and big tits, you would click on the following keywords: BBW, Blonde, Blue Eyes and Big Tits!

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